Quality, technical competence and service are the main means to compete on the market and are the fundamental elements of the business strategy of OMNISHELTER S.r.l. whose goal is:
maximum customer satisfaction in compliance with his explicit and implicit expectations and needs, obtained thanks to the high quality of the products and services offered
The basic principle on which this policy is based is to ensure complete customer satisfaction through the systematic implementation of an integrated Quality, Environment and Safety System compliant with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI ISO 45001 standards, with the intent to pursue the continuous im-provement of our products and our service.

Therefore, it means that:

We must continually improve by designing and manufacturing products that are qualitatively reliable and techno-logically advanced and while maintaining a competitive quality / price ratio. The customer must always be held in the utmost consideration and we must all work by focusing our attention on satisfying his requests and interpreting his needs so that they can be translated into products and services that in-creasingly meet his expectations.

The requirements of quality, environment and occupational health & safety in the workplace are a responsibility and a personal commitment of everyone and therefore it is the precise duty of the department managers and of each collaborator to work to lay the foundations to ensure that the objectives relating to the processes and those defined periodically in the Management review are systematically achieved. To this end, compliance with the con-tents of the system procedures and applicable regulations is of fundamental importance.

Pollution related to production activities must be limited through a conscious planning, an optimal management of the waste produced, a control of significant environmental impacts and an attention to related energy consumption.

The conditions of the working environment must be safe and healthy in order to guarantee the prevention of ac-cidents.

The ability to satisfy these points and to continuously improve will be measured by verifying the achievement of the objectives established in the process policies by the Management in the review of the integrated system, to-gether with other objectives identified as significant during the review itself, taking into account market situations and customer expectations.

OMNISHELTER S.r.l. Management undertakes to:

conduct a systematic and documented review of the integrated system to ensure the continued adequacy and effi-ciency of the same in satisfying the requirements of the reference standards, the standards set out in the company policy, those defined in the political process and those who from time to time, on the occasion of the review itself they will be defined;

invest in education and training, so that the most suitable conditions are created for each employee to carry out their activities independently and be aware of how their activities contribute and is important to the achievement of quality objectives.

involve all workers at all levels to promote everyone’s responsibility for health and safety at work.




F. Ceriani
Managing Director