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OMNISHELTER's passive control of the Shelter's internal temperature is based on the exploitation of physical phenomena such as thermal capacity, thermal isolation and heat transmission. The unique know-how and design guarantees that the passive cooling shelters control the internal temperature conditions through a cooling system capable of dissipating outside the heat released internally by the electronic equipment without energy consumption, e.g. without effecting or involving the power generating source (mainly solar) that is dedicated to feeding the equipment only. Passive Cooling Shelters, in harsh remote desert areas and conditions:

  • Have excellent reliability and extra long working life.
  • Work continually during their life without using any power supply (without energy consumption).
  • Are practically maintenance free.



OMNISHELTER's Passive Cooling Shelters:

  • designed and manufactured to stand up to the harshest environments 
  • based on water and PCM technologies
  • fully tested in the company's own climatic chamber where the sites extreme working conditions are simulated 

are becoming more frequently used where:

  • commercial power is not available (desert or remote sites)
  • commercial power is available but the maintenance of air conditioners is difficult and expensive 

while giving remarkable advantages like:

  • a reduced cost of the installed power supply on each site, whereas expensive photovoltaic systems & back up batteries will be used only to power the electronic equipment.
  • a reduced shelter maintenance cost as passive system will avoid the need of HVAC units with their involved frequent operation and maintenance problems.



OMNISHELTER's  active air conditioning Shelters are widely seen as the most efficient solution for equipment housing whenever electric supply is normally available . The control of the internal temperature is achieved by using different thermal management solutions , selected according to the local environmental conditions, the internal thermal load and the equipment temperature constraints.

OMNISHELTER designs and supplies different types of shelters, containers and cabins with active conditioning systems used in several applications:

  • Telecommunication Shelters
  • Radio Base Station Shelters
  • Railway Shelters
  • Shelters for Highway Services
  • Broadcasting Shelters
  • Shelters for Photovoltaic solar energy
  • Shelters for Eolic energy
  • Energy Storage System Shelters – Smart Grid solutions
  • Medium Voltage Shelters or Containers 
  • Transformer Shelters or Containers
  • Generating Set Shelters or Containers
  • Shelters or Containers Off-Shore
  • Artic Shelters or Containers for very low temperatures
  • Containers or Cabins for various applications

OMNISHELTER can provide active cooled shelters equipped with a wide range of different active conditioning systems and of electrical systems such as power distribution boards, rectifiers, UPS, grounding, alarms, lighting, fire extinguishing and any kind of client selected accessories.





OMNISHELTER designs and supplies special hazardous shelters type equipped with systems and accessories in order to prevent any explosion risks and gas contamination, such as Pressurized Shelters, Battery Shelters and Analyzer Shelters for the recovery of equipment such as Gas Chromatograph and Moisture Analyzer. The shelters are usually equipped with electrical, cooling, fire extinguishing systems and accessories.

These shelters have a mandatory applications in areas (Classified Zone 1 or Zone 2) with highly corrosive and hazardous atmosphere such as Chemical Plants, Petroleum Refineries and locations & enviroments where combustible liquids, gasses or vapours exist.




OMNISHELTER's Underground Shelters represent a valid alternative to standard shelters in reducing installation visual impact, particular temperatures or customer's special needs.
Special arrangements, specially against risk of corrosion, easy access and passive cooling solutions are taken into consideration due to the particular conditions in which underground shelters have to operate.

OMNISHELTER can provide underground shelters equipped with a wide range of different conditioning systems with a complete range of electrical systems such as power distribution boards, rectifiers, UPS, grounding, alarms, lighting , fire extinguishing and any kind of client selected accessories.




Omnishelter provides special shelter construction used for different purposes, designed and manufactured in accordance with main International standards and tailored to customer needs, such as :


  • Aluminium light shelters (EN12079 - STANAG 3542) used for mobile laboratory shelters and other applications where the combination between lightness and firmness is required.
  • Frangible ICAO shelters for nav-aids (ILS, VOR, DME, NBD, MLS, GBAS) installation in an airport area application.
  • Camouflaged shelters used for the reduction of environmental problems, such as countryside and mountains.
  • Blast Resistant Shelters/Containers/Lers (ASCE) designed and manufactured to withstand blast and explosion pressure in hazardous areas for the safety of personnel and controlled shutdown.
  • Bullet proof & armoured shelters mainly used in security sectors and subject to vandalism areas.





OMNISHELTER has developed and patented new energy-saving solution shelters with the purpose of overcoming the limit of current technology regarding cooling needs and energy consumption as well as maintenance costs.

The green shelter is based on a new integrated cooling system carried out with free-cooling, phase changing materials (PCM) and dedicated logic panel working without using air conditioners. The result obtained after several experimental tests in our climatic chamber has proved that for many applications the use of the Green Shelter compared to a traditional shelter with air conditioning allows a significant reduction of energy consumption of up to 70%. Feasibility and results are dependent on each project data and site climatic conditions.

Moreover, with its low power consumption and DC power supply, the Green Shelter can be also applied in areas where electricity networks are not available or where maintenance on traditional shelters is difficult and expensive.



minishelter cabOMNISHELTER 
has developed a complete range of active and passive conditioning compact solutions such as Minishelter & Outdoor Cabinets, designed to fully operate in the most severe environmental conditions. Both this products can be built by using various materials and equipped with a wide range of different conditioning systems and electrical systems such as power distribution boards, rectifiers, UPS, grounding, alarms, lighting, fire extinguishing and any kind of client selected accessories.



OMNISHELTER's modular shelters are supplied in flat pack completely disassembled kits and represent an effective alternative to standard monolithic shelters when the access to the installation sites is particularly difficult thus making the use of standard transportation means impossible.

This is specially true where the transportation generally meets some difficulties and the transport cost of the monolithic configuration is too expensive. Modular shelter kit can also be supplied with ancillary systems  and accessories as already described in the profile of each shelter.


OMNISHELTER can also provide different types of prefabs for various applications (offices, workshops, warehouses, work camps).




OMNISHELTER's complete radio base stations can be easily transported and installed in any location. They are generally used for emergency situations, non permanent installations and in other cases where an increase in wireless TLC capacity (such as sporting events and musical concerts) is required or for any other temporary or emergency application. Along with different type of shelters , flanged or self-mounting poles and trailers the station can be equipped with a wide selection of accessories such as generator sets and obstruction lights.