OMNISHELTER's  active air conditioning Shelters are widely seen as the most efficient solution for equipment housing whenever electric supply is normally available . The control of the internal temperature is achieved by using different thermal management solutions , selected according to the local environmental conditions, the internal thermal load and the equipment temperature constraints.

OMNISHELTER designs and supplies different types of shelters, containers and cabins with active conditioning systems used in several applications:

  • Telecommunication Shelters
  • Radio Base Station Shelters
  • Railway Shelters
  • Shelters for Highway Services
  • Broadcasting Shelters
  • Shelters for Photovoltaic solar energy
  • Shelters for Eolic energy
  • Energy Storage System Shelters – Smart Grid solutions
  • Medium Voltage Shelters or Containers 
  • Transformer Shelters or Containers
  • Generating Set Shelters or Containers
  • Shelters or Containers Off-Shore
  • Artic Shelters or Containers for very low temperatures
  • Containers or Cabins for various applications

OMNISHELTER can provide active cooled shelters equipped with a wide range of different active conditioning systems and of electrical systems such as power distribution boards, rectifiers, UPS, grounding, alarms, lighting, fire extinguishing and any kind of client selected accessories.